JoAnne Tybinka Blasko

“Ah, Cynthia. I have this great idea for a project… it’s kind of impossible, but I think it would be perfect for my cottage. Will you do it?”

“Well, I’d sure like to see it and give it a try. I specialize in the impossible.”

Cynthia wouldn’t really say that, but she would come and look at it and find a way to make it possible. It might not be done exactly as I had imagined; it would be done elegantly, safely, affordably, and it would be perfect for my cottage.

We are now on our third project. The very day I met Cynthia, I knew she was the contractor for me. Right away she had ideas; immediately she sent pictures and possibilities; then she broke the project into manageable segments and showed me where I would get the biggest bang for my buck in terms of what to do first, what to make a second project, what to make a third. We just finished the third, and we have the fourth and fifth in the wings.

The first project was raising the ceiling in my 1950s house. We consulted an engineer, he gave us the parameters, and wow, the project was underway. Within weeks my living room was transformed from a boring space into an elegant showpiece. Concurrently, we ripped up carpets and refinished floors, enhanced woodwork, and chose beautiful paint colors. Project #1: complete.

Project #2 was the kitchen, bathroom, utility, and pantry. More complex. More challenging. Just as much fun. The archway from living-room to kitchen transformed a dark kitchen into a warm, inviting space. While a project of this nature is not without its challenges, once again, she made it look effortless. Why hadn’t I found her years ago? I love my beautiful new cottage, and everyone who sees it marvels.

Project #3 still has one item on its punch list, but Cynthia will be back to complete it the minute the window comes in. This is an in-law unit… complete with a new bathroom, new foyer and closets, new Irish ladder to a refurbished loft, and an elegant barn door to create a separate living-room as the need arises. My new dusk-to-dawn light has a 110 and a 240 outlet outside to make charging my new electric car a snap.

What separates Cynthia from all the rest is her can-do spirit, her exquisite aesthetics, her high standards for getting it right, her well-trained staff members who come on time and leave the place broom-clean, and most of all her lively exuberant personality. I enjoy having her around and can’t wait for project #4.”