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A brief overview of green building....

Green building includes design, construction practices, materials, and techniques focused on improving the quality of the home for both the inhabitant and the environment. 
Green building features improve the quality of the home for the resident by:
  • Improving indoor air quality by minimizing unhealthy building materials.
  • Improving the internal comfort of the house, by minimizing moisture and improving insulation.
  • Installing durable, long lasting finishes that are easy to maintain.
  • Improving passive solar access through correct placement of windows and skylights.
  • Reducing occupancy costs by designing to reduce energy and water use.

Green building improves the quality of the environment by:

  • Using sustainable materials (materials that are harvested sustainably, have recycled content, off-gas minimal VOCs, and/or are made from rapidly renewable materials).
  • Purchasing materials that are manufactured locally to improve the local economy and reduce needless travel and CO2 emissions.
  • Using building science to guide all construction practices.
  • Reducing energy and water use.

Cynthia received her Green Building Professional Certification from the National association of Remodeling Professionals in 2005 and she has been constructing according to Green Building standards since that time.  Cynthia Sharon is committed to helping clients tailor fit the elements of Green Building to work with their design, budget and aesthetic.

Recently completed green projects include:

Strawbale Casita, NM
Goss House, Napa

Westport Studio

Hummingbird House

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